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Breath. Awareness. Integrity. Grace.

Yoga is a living and ever expanding practice. I wholeheartedly believe that yoga is not just a practice we do on our mats, it's a practice we do each day and with each breath. LIVING YOGA is what resonates with me; taking the skills, challenges, successes, and experiences we have on our mats, and applying them to our everyday lives. Come explore with me on the mat, and I truly believe yoga will change your life.

Private Lessons



Private lesson with written notes and sequence.
Looking to start a new practice or deepen your existing one?  Whether you are intending to relieve stress, have an injury, want to build strength or prepare for childbirth, I will work with you to create a sustainable practice that meets your needs. We will open your practice on deeper levels by understanding new postures one on one, learn simple pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques to practice at home. This can  be tailored for Couples, Groups, and Pregnancy.

Public Classes



2019 Term 2 - April 29th - July 5th

Wednesdays 6am–7am
10 weeks @ Mt Pleasant Centre.

Friday 930am-1030am
10 weeks @ Sumner Yoga Studio, 42 Nayland Street

Over the course of the term, we will flow through the 5 elements of yoga. We will begin slowly and steadily, before building sequences with more heat and flow. Our aim is to sustain this grounded yet fluid energy that resides in all of us. You will leave each practice feeling grounded, nourished and energized, allowing you to incorporate this same focus and strength of mind to every aspect of your life.

10 weeks $180 (for 1 class a week) at one venue of choice or $20 (casual). Suits all levels. Spaces limited, book now! If you can't make your booked class, please text in advance: 021 051 9305.

Teacher Mentoring


A unique programme for qualified yoga teachers that provides positive support & further training to refine your yoga career.

Mentoring can help you increase confidence, find direction & develop your path as yoga teacher. I will attend one of your yoga classes, providing you with detailed feedback & a coaching session.

What we do together: 1. Refine your personal practice to support the work you are doing. 2. Learn how to observe student bodies in a class setting. 3. Build sequences and offer modifications or variations for students. 4. Find your authentic voice and unique offering as a yoga teacher, share book resources, journal exercises and theme designing for classes. 

Events + Workshops



Soul Food Yoga
Spring Women's Retreat
with Jess Smith and Dawn Alman
October 19th–22nd 2017
at Sherwood Lodge, Queenstown

My Upcoming Events

About Jess Smith

I have always held a strong belief in mind-body connection since a little girl. I was lucky enough to find yoga in my early teens and after high school I followed my heart to study yoga in Los Angeles. I began my career as a full time yoga teacher in 2004, and later on finished my BSC in Nutritional Studies. From there I have traveled the world widely and in 2007 found myself in Christchurch.  I have been teaching in the community of Christchurch since 2007 and in that time I co-created Flow Hot Yoga Studio in Christchurch.

Yoga teaching and my family are my true passions. I have been blessed with an amazing husband and two wonderful children, who let me be who I really am. 

I am primarily a Vinyasa Flow teacher, although I adore teaching ALL styles of yoga, because variety is the spice of life! I have certifications in the following disciplines: Bikram, Baron Baptiste Power Yoga, Janet Stone Vinyasa School, Yin Yoga, Pre/postnatal, Children's Yoga, and Yoga for Pain Therapy. 

In order to help keep my yoga fire burning bright and share that light with others, I love to be the student, continuing my own education and studies on various aspects of yoga.  My hours of teacher training now exceed over one thousand hours, and I have no intention of stopping!  Some of my most inspirational experiences have been with Janet Stone, Aimee Joy Nitzberg, Sarah Powers, Tiffany Cruikshank and Rod Stryker.

Jess has a phenomenal ability to deviate from the stock standard yoga class and guide you into a far more explorative practice regardless of what level you are at. Because so much thought and feeling goes into each class and every sequence you get to explore a deeper and far more genuine style of yoga than others can offer


Jess teaches from her whole being, her body, heart and mind - to provide the most fulfilling yoga practices I have ever experienced. Jess integrates her knowledge and personal experiences seamlessly into her teachings. Her practices are enjoyable and fun, playful and satisfying.


I hired Jessica Smith for a private session at the end of my pregnancy to prepare for a natural homebirth. After our time together, I felt rejuvenated by her energy, pure spirit and helpful tips. Her ability to ease the mind, body & spirit through yoga are unmatched. As a 20 year yoga devotee, I've practiced all over the world, and Jess is at the top of my list. Her strength and wider knowledge of yoga is inspiring. Christchurch is lucky to have her vast experience and instruction available to our community. I look forward to working with Jess again soon!


"Jess made yoga accessible to me with her relaxed and inspiring manner. She believed in me and encouraged me to teacher train myself. She has watched me grow as a yoga practitioner and has lovingly stretched my ability to be more of who I am. Her years of practice and training are reliably solid which compliments her open heart and listening ears. Jess has taken me places as my teacher that I may have never traveled on my own. I trust her implicitly and am eternally grateful for her guidance and instruction."

Director of Courage My Love

I have been a student of Jess's for 7 years; where I first discovered yoga. As Jess's yoga journey ventures, so does her teaching, as she shares her new knowledge and experience with her students. This makes every one of her classes individually unique, allowing for new boundaries to be continuously explored: physically, mentally and spiritually. She has a good authentic energy, which clearly comes from the obvious passion she has herself for yoga. I have practiced yoga in Canada, Europe, South America and Nepal and the classes Jess takes are my favorites.

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