Earth- Grounding Sequence for Autumn

Earth- Grounding  Sequence

This series will connect you to the earth starting with a grounding Mantra and Meditation then followed by a beautifully sequenced slow-moving asana practice, that once again sets up for meditation.

Started seated meditation –

Bhumisparsha Mudra will help you regain your centre (and sanity) amidst the chaos. It is an ancient mudra, or hand gesture, that you may recognise from images and statues of the Buddha. Bhumisprasha Mudra can be translated as “earth-touching gesture.” This symbolic pose is said to represent the moment in which Buddha claimed the earth as witness to his enlightenment. It can also be a symbol of unwavering dedication and commitment. Drop into Bhumisparsha any time you need to feel rooted, and reminded of your devotion to yourself and family.



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Table top to Puppy Pose Anahatasana

Gate pose with cat and cow  ( optional thread the needle)

Downdog with block in-between the legs

Walk back to forward fold ( keeping block)

Tadasana with block

Chair pose with block

Forward fold release block- rag doll or arms over head

Low lunge

Goddess pose

Warrior 1 and 2

Triangle pose

Tree pose and variation

Childs pose

Dragon Pose and Twist

Downdog lunge

Twisting Prasarita Paddttanasana Wide leg stretch


Nadi Shodna Breathing

Legs up the wall or

Construction rest supported

This restorative pose deeply grounds and soothes. Bend your knees, with your feet hip-width apart. Place a block on its narrow edge between your lower inner thighs, then snugly secure a looped strap around your mid-thighs. Keep your heels on the mat and rest your forefeet on a folded blanket.
If you get cold, cover up with a second blanket.
Lie down and place an eye pillow over your closed eyes. Cross your arms over your chest. Hold for 3–5 minutes, then change the cross of your arms and hold for 3–5 minutes longer.


Larissa Hall Carlson Demonstrates Constructive Rest

Vata elixir

Golden Milk 12 600x900

Spiced milk

Nourishing spiced milk is just the thing to help you feel warm and cozy as the seasons begin to change. Swap out afternoon caffeine for this delicious drink and savour its soothing effects.

◦1 cup organic milk (or your favourite nondairy alternative)

◦1/4 tsp
turmeric powder

◦1/4 tsp
ginger powder

◦Small pinch cinnamon powder

◦Small pinch cardamom powder

◦Small pinch black pepper

1In a small saucepan, bring milk and spices to a low boil for 5 minutes. Pour into a mug, find a comfy seat, and delight in the sweetness!

2Modify a dash of nutmeg at night to support sleep; ½ tsp of ghee to relieve constipation; or 1 tsp maple syrup after milk has already boiled if you’re craving something sweeter.